Payment Processing for the Modern World

You need credit card processing that caters to your organization and focuses on more than just profit

Too many credit card processing vendors only focus on how much they can skim off your profits. They fail to realize that they succeed only if your organization succeeds. FinWERX is changing all of that with a new approach that lowers your costs and improves your customer’s overall experience.

Many credit card processing companies never really invest in their clients. Their goal is to cast a net that’s both far and wide. In doing so, they don’t have to worry about whether individual merchants succeed or falter. At FinWERX, our services are geared to helping organizations succeed.


You need more than a card Processing Service


Accepting credit and debit card payments was once a luxury. That’s no longer the case, and any business that only takes cash is doomed. Fortunately, there are many card processing vendors out there. If you want to succeed, though, you need more than just a payment processor.

You need a partner. FinWERX isn’t focused on extracting as many fees as possible. Our goal is to offer our partners affordable payment processing and more. What’s more? How about the ability to take crypto payments through CryptoWERX? What about help streamlining your customers’ experience?

First… let’s start with the basics.


Are you paying too much in Credit Card Processing Fees?

Businesses that stick to a cash-only system blame credit card fees for their decision. They’re right about one thing: card processing fees have become prohibitive. While card companies claim that these fees are only 2.3% on average, that doesn’t tell the whole story!

Depending on the “rewards” card companies offer, the fees can go much higher. In fact, some merchants are experiencing fees higher than their profit margins. This creates a situation where companies lose money — and no amount of business ingenuity can overcome this.


Not all processors are created equally…

In a perfect world, all payment processors would be equal. All vendors would offer similar levels of service for the same price. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work. The fees charged by some debit and credit card processors can turn already-high fees into restrictive costs.

FinWERX breaks this mold by offering low fees with tools to improve the customer experience. These additional resources can help grow your company, but even if you opt to not use them, you’ll still receive some of the lowest card processing rates in the industry.


You need an experienced team — and a partner!


At FinWERX, you’ll work with industry professionals who:

  • Found their niche by providing college fundraising services
  • Worked in church fundraising and donation processing for 15 years
  • Pioneered CryptoDonations in the nonprofit and religious sectors

The best part is that you’re not just a customer to FinWERX. You’re a partner. We even offer the opportunity to become an affiliate with our organization!

How much are card processing fees for
your organization?

Financial institutions have created an environment where it’s hard to succeed. When you consider the surcharges from payment processors, success becomes even more difficult. If you’ve kept track of your card processing fees, you’ve no doubt seen fluctuations.

This is unfair to you. You deserve a straightforward answer on credit card fees. At FinWERX, it’s our goal to help you find that answer. While we offer much more than other vendors, we don’t subsidize those services with higer fees. You can see this with our free rate analysis.


What about free credit card processing services?

Everyone gets excited when they hear about “free” credit card processing services. As the old saying goes, however, “nothing in this life is free.” You’ll run into processors that promise “surcharges” and “zero-fee processing.”Unfortunately, those costs are passed to your clients.

For many merchants, this practice is far more harmful than good. It drives away customers who don’t appreciate added fees. Additionally, such surcharges aren’t even legal in some areas. Fortunately, FinWERX has a system that keeps costs low while keeping customers happy


How can FinWERX
help your Business?


Whether you’re starting a new business or simply ready to change card processing vendors, FinWERX has everything you need and more. Every professional within the WERX Family has a background in fundraising, so they know the importance of low transaction costs.

Here’s how FinWERX can make a difference in your company.

Get Started Today!

Don’t let high credit card transaction fees put your organization in the red. FinWERX offers the low-cost processing that merchants are looking for without sacrificing service. And with our streamlined resources, you can improve the overall customer experience for your clients.

You can get started with FinWERX right now, or request a free rate analysis to see how much you’d save. Let’s work together on helping your businesses thrive. Because it’s only when our partners succeed that FinWERX succeeds.