Payment Processing for the Modern World

Too many credit card processing companies only focus on what they can skim from your profits — failing to realize that they don't succeed unless you do. FinWerx is changing all of that. Our approach focuses on:

  • Lowering your processing costs
  • Improving the experience for your customers
  • Offering resources to help your organization thrive
  • Streamlining the customer journey

Most credit card processing vendors never truly invest in their clients. They only focus on quantity, so the success of a single organization doesn’t matter. At FinWerx, our services are geared to helping you succeed.


You need more than a card processing service…

Accepting credit and debit card payments is no longer a luxury. The days of cash-only are gone, but how can you choose a credit card processor that’s right for you?

You need a partner who isn’t focused on fees. You need a partner that offers options (e.g., debit vs crypto payments). You need FinWerx.


Are you paying too much in card processing fees?

Credit card fees have become prohibitive. Processing companies claim the average fee is only 2.3% — but that doesn’t tell the whole story:

  • Merchants are capped at how much they can charge to recover processing fees
  • “Rewards” cards often charge substantially higher fees
  • Credit card processors may charge you more if your volume is low
  • Monthly subscription fees can drive up your costs
  • Processors can charge a markup over card network fees
  • Certain industries are saddled with higher card processing costs

This makes it clear why some merchants are experiencing fees higher than their profit margins. This isn’t how things are supposed to be. It’s time for a change.


Not all payment processors are created equally…

  • Merchants don’t offer similar service levels for similar costs.
  • Vendor fees make already-high network fees prohibitive.
  • FinWerx offers low fees and customer experience tools.
  • Don’t want the additional resources? You don’t have to use them!

FinWerx is changing the game in the credit card processing world. Learn why more companies are switching to us.


You need an experienced team — and a partner!


At FinWERX, you’ll work with industry professionals who:

  • Found their niche by providing college fundraising services
  • Worked in church fundraising and donation processing for 15 years
  • Pioneered CryptoDonations in the nonprofit and religious sectors

The best part is that you’re not just a customer to FinWERX. You’re a partner. We even offer the opportunity to become an affiliate with our organization!

How much are card processing fees for your organization?

Financial institutions have created an environment where it’s hard to succeed. When you consider the surcharges from payment processors, success becomes even more difficult. If you’ve kept track of your card processing fees, you’ve no doubt seen fluctuations.

This is unfair to you. You deserve a straightforward answer on credit card fees. At FinWERX, it’s our goal to help you find that answer. While we offer much more than other vendors, we don’t subsidize those services with higher fees. You can see this with our free rate analysis.


What about free credit card processing services?

Everyone gets excited when they hear about “free” credit card processing services. However, nothing in this life is truly free.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • “Free” payment processors pass the fees on to your clients.
  • Clients upset with higher fees may leave your business.
  • “Free” processing surcharges aren't even legal in some locales!
  • “Free” processing services have limited features.
  • These services also carry security risks.
  • No integration and poor customer support are common.
  • These processors have unreliable service.

Such problems persist because the companies have little incentive for change. That’s why FinWerx created a low-cost system that doesn’t sacrifice service.


How can FinWERX
help your Business?


Whether you’re starting a new business or simply ready to change card processing vendors, FinWERX has everything you need and more. Every professional within the WERX Family has a background in fundraising, so they know the importance of low transaction costs.

Here’s how FinWERX can make a difference in your company.

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Don't let high credit card transaction fees put your organization in the red. FinWerx offers streamlined and low-cost services without sacrificing quality.

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