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Do Good. Do More.

Founded from the mindset of 'always do more, we believe passionately in donors, technology, pastors, and all things communication. Our mission is to help organizations create a better donor experience by listening to donors, leveraging the power of technology and strengthening relationships through effective and relevant communication.





Do Good. Do More.

Founded from the mindset of 'always do more, we believe passionately in donors, technology, pastors, and all things communication. Our mission is to help organizations create a better donor experience by listening to donors, leveraging the power of technology and strengthening relationships through effective and relevant communication.

August 2015

NewFire Giving founded. Churches and Non Profit Organizations were looking to save money on their giving software and credit card rates. NewFire introduced a solution to lower rates with THE GRADUATED RATE PROGRAM (tm) helps you Grow & Save with your digital giving.

April 2019

Received the StoryBrand Certified Guide Badge, This allows you to access the framework and ongoing support from our team, so you will build something great. When you can identify the character (donor) in your story, you can lead your donors on the path to becoming the hero (i.e. their best self).

March 2020

Covid Hit. Maintaining giving levels from your donors during an epidemic is important, but it's absolutely essential that you keep them engaged during this time. You're a trusted community leader, and donors and parishioners alike need to see you taking charge.

January 2021

DonorWerx was Founded to help organizations create a better donor experience by listening to donors, leveraging the power of technology, and strengthening relationships through effective and relevant communication. The Were Model is your blueprint for donor engagement.

August 2021

Crypto is introduced to the Charitable Giving. The Crypto Market exploded 2021 Crypto surge. Suddenly, folks who owned cryptocurrency, wanted to give. Those who gave in Crypto (Individuals & Corporation)…GAVE A LOT …. By 2022, CHARITY BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY was the preferred NEW WAY to give.

November 2022

FinWerx was Founded to bring Payment Processing to the Modern World. Organizations recognized the need for a credit card partner that caters to their organization and focuses on more than just profit. FinWERX is changing all of that with a new approach that lowers your costs and improves your customers' overall experience.


The transformation of the donor experience must become integral to your fundraising process. Utilize the best operational elements to cause transformation, and implement repeated donor touchpoints to improve your capabilities.


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Our Founders


Gavin Globensky

Co-founder and COO of DonorWerx, Gavin is a serial learner. His love of learning keeps him prepared for new challenges. A graduate of The Citadel - The Military College of South Carolina, with a Degree in Biochemistry and a minor in Spanish, Gavin uses neither here at DonorWerx. Instead, Gavin brings 13 years of disciplined and successful fundraising experience. From coaching individual leaders to consulting entire organizations, he is a firm believer that people inherently want to give. So who are we to get in their way?

Stu Baker

Stu has been around the church his entire life. Before co-founding DonorWerx, Stu led the charge of introducing new giving technology to the church. From 2008-2015, he helped over 2,300 churches across the world shift their giving strategy away from traditionally 'passing the plate'. Through helping churches adapt to the new giving economy, he discovered that the Donor's Experience is the #1 thing that separates healthy churches from struggling churches. When your donors love the experience, you multiply your impact together.


FinWerx's Framework

DonorWerx's WERX Framework is a seven-step program to create a positive donor experience. The steps include Donor Centricity, Leadership Development, Marketing Messaging, Technology, Building Your Case, Communication Campaigns and Impact Reports.

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Credit Card Processing FAQ

Whether you’re starting a new business or considering a change in credit card processors, it’s understandable to have questions. At FinWERX, we have the answers you need. Before our clients get started with us, the following is what we’re most often asked by them.

Whenever someone pays with a card, the issuer takes an average fee of around 2.22%. When this statistic was measured in 2020, it had increased by 70% in just the past decade. Some issuers take up to 3.5%, and these rates will likely continue to rise. The worst thing is that these high fees don’t even account for credit card processing fees!

If you use a generic credit card processing fees calculator, you may think your fees are set in stone. After all, one cannot expect international institutions like Visa and Mastercard to make exceptions for random businesses. It’s when you factor in payment processors, though, that you can see real savings. This is where FinWERX comes in!

Running a cash-only business will help avoid credit card processing fees. Unfortunately, it will also help you avoid running a successful company. Between 2012 and 2019, the percentage of transactions involving cash dropped from 40% to 26% This decrease escalated during the pandemic. Fewer people are carrying cash, so not accepting cards means fewer customers.

Absolutely! During our time in the fundraising and financial sector, we’ve seen far too many vendors refuse to work with small companies. We believe this is unfair. After all, a merchant’s sales volume shouldn’t dictate whether they have access to certain payment methods. FinWERX offers small business credit card processing for any merchant!

CryptoWERX is the cryptocurrency payment processing tool offered by FinWERX. As technology evolves, so does the way people pay for goods and services. Credit card processors were once unheard of, but now they’re essential. With over one-third of U.S. businesses accepting crypto payments as of October 2021, a similar outcome is likely for digital coins.

Unfortunately, credit card transaction fees often aren’t restricted to purchases. Many payment processors also charge a monthly fee. This means that — even if you have to temporarily close up shop — you’ll still have to pay fees without any sales. FinWERX doesn’t believe that’s a good way to do business. We never charge monthly fees. You’ll only pay for the services you use.

The only trick to choosing the right payment processor is to do what’s best for your company! However, there are some things to consider. Does the company require a long-term contract? Do they offer the ability to accept automatic recurring payments? Do they provide a system for taking crypto payments? Are they simple to use, and what about experience?

These are all essential questions to ask!

When you receive funds in your bank account will depend heavily on your payment processor. Your agreement with the vendor will play a big role in this. At FinWERX, we know it’s important to get paid as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer Next Day Funding to our clients. You shouldn’t have to wait to access your own money!

As it turns out, there are ways to save money on payment processing fees. First, take steps to minimize the potential for fraud. Rates are higher for merchants that are considered high risk. Providing the right information during signup is also vital for getting a fair rate. Most importantly, you should speak with professionals in the industry. At FinWERX, we’re ready to help.

Fortunately, accepting credit cards in your organization is now easier than ever! There are plenty of options to choose from, so it all comes down to choosing the vendor that’s right for you. Since you have to choose one, though, shouldn’t it be the one that offers low transaction costs, no monthly fees, and the ability for your business to accept crypto payments?

If that sounds like the right approach for your company, get in touch with us today at FinWERX!