Credit Card Processing FAQ

Whether you’re starting a new business or considering a change in credit card processors, it’s understandable to have questions. At FinWERX, we have the answers you need. Before our clients get started with us, the following is what we’re most often asked by them.

Whenever someone pays with a card, the issuer takes an average fee of around 2.22%. When this statistic was measured in 2020, it had increased by 70% in just the past decade. Some issuers take up to 3.5%, and these rates will likely continue to rise. The worst thing is that these high fees don’t even account for credit card processing fees!


Still have questions? We have answers!

Choosing or switching credit card processing companies is a big deal. We’ve tried to create a resource in this FAQ to address the most pressing issues, but if you still have questions, we have answers!

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